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May you stand out of the crowd this year!

sâmbătă, decembrie 24, 2005

The Christmas is almost here

I hate to see this blog so quiet. Right now we're all taken by the Christmas spirit and kind of busy with the presents, the decorations, the food and the smiles of the loved ones. We'll be back soon to have some quality advertising talks around here. All the best!

luni, decembrie 19, 2005

an older article by fred&farid

Diana reminded me of this article. I wonder how could I ever forget it ?!?! Actually I didn't. It's somewhere in the back of my head and makes me wanna be better every day...

It is so true "Who talks about the latest advertising spot? No one. Why? Because advertising people are the worst storytellers of all storytellers. Even the journalists have a better sense of impact and entertainment than we have. Hollywood makes better commercials than us..."
"How is it possible that the advertising break is so boring? It is the only moment when TV is not entertaining. Why does advertising not respect the same rules as the other TV programs? Every program on TV wants to have an impact, to be entertaining and to touch the widest possible audience, except commercials. Lets admit it: advertising is thoughtless, boring, annoying, irritating and stupid.

It is sad, because people should love advertising. It is the only moment when the media are honest with us. Think about it: it is the only moment when we know who benefits from the pictures we watch. Each ad is signed with a logo. So it is clear."

And here's another true, very well put observation: "Advertising is a weapon of mass creation."

Through out the article you'll see there is hope for us, the advertisers plague...but more of us should pay attention to other people's point of view, listen more carefully, dare more, get out of the confortable circle of predictability we all have build around our daily lives...I guess...

joi, decembrie 15, 2005

Have you ever thought Pepsi and lubricants together?

Let's see! Drink Diet Pepsi, get thinner, fit in smaller places.
Use Rutscher and...hmm - not suitable content. Starting over. If you want lubricants - for God knows (maybe God shouldn't know) what reson - use Rutscher.
So, in the right corner, old but dandy, wearing silver shorts we have THE CONSEQUENCE and in the left corner with no shorts, but lot of action goin' on, there's THE DEMONSTRTION! Taraaa! Let's see who wins! I'd say they both have a clear and witty voice when expressing the message, but it's for you to decide which one you like better (I'm refearing to the ads, not the products! Don't get confused, I know it's a tricky one, but do focus!) . For me is the Pepsi ad. It surprised me more to see the bottle used when advertising the can. But that's just me...

miercuri, decembrie 14, 2005

model of planning presentation

since i apparently managed to find a way to upload some presentations, i have to say that this presentation, coming from Stuart Smith of Wieden&Kennedy, is my ideal type of presentation. It's brief, it's crystal clear, it's fun, and most important, it's really inspiring. No wonder a brief like this brought the big idea.

marți, decembrie 13, 2005

how to win an APG award

I reached a sort of a panic episode until starting writing this post, cause i was thinking that i already showed on the right side of the page the links that i usually follow and which supply my daily dose of thought-provoking material. So, what's left for me to present? And then i realised that with so much happening on the web, and with so much information, it's almost impossible for everybody to browse everything daily, yada, yada, yada. Therefore, i'm gonna introduce what i consider to be worthy anyway. And then i'm gonna think of another way to organize these posts and then another and then another.
Today, i'd like to bring into discussion the prizes awarded by London Account Planning Group. What's particularly nice (and thoughtful of them) is that when introducing this year's edition on their website, they also gave a recipe on how to win in such a competition. Apparently, what it takes is:
  • A powerful strategic idea
  • A potent creative expression
  • A clear link between the two

We all know this, you'll say. Yep, they thought about this reaction as well: "However, to be frank, these are hygiene factors. The characteristics that will mark out award winners will be a combination of the following:

  • Previously unearthed insight
  • A brilliant strategic idea
  • Inspiring channel thinking hardwired into the creative expression
  • Excellent work, whether a programme format, piece of packaging design or 120-second cinema commercial
  • A real sense that without your thinking the work simply wouldn't exist
  • Not to mention a beautifully made case"

Now that's more like it. And it's why the papers submitted were all fresh, full of consistent ideas and fantastic strategy (my favourite was that of "the fantastic Stuart Smith of fantastic Wieden & Kennedy" who "scooped the Grand Prix and a Gold for the fantastic thinking that went into the fantastic Honda Diesel campaign."). Until we start working like that in here, do check this out. You'll find a great manner of tracking and organizing insights, thoughts and ideas.

Great minds think alike :P

With this kind of thinking (and applying also) Wieden&Kennedy (Tokio in this case), charmed us both, Diana and me :)
Read the whole article ("How we work") here or some of it we found essential, down this page:

"Advertising can and should make people think.

Communication is a conversation.

Chaos breeds creativity.
The best ideas don’t come from a process, but are the result of an atmosphere where unpredictability, chaos and creativity are encouraged. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a process, it just means that we don’t let the process get in the way of good ideas.

Briefs should be a jumping off point, not a contract.

Be courageous enough to recognize that and let genius happen.

Reward failure.
Never lose your capacity to invent and learn because it becomes too risky. Take risks.

Let the marketplace judge success or failure. Don’t rely on research to make decisions, but to inform your thinking.

Keep it fresh. Break the rules. Never adhere to the status quo.
One of the problems with advertising is how categories develop a standard -- an unspoken belief system so that all cereal commercials need to sound like cereal commercials. But the real power comes when you can break with that belief system and treat the category in a fresh manner.

Life is too short and competitive to spend time in debate over nuance.

Immediate and gut feedback on creative work is critical to keeping the process moving and creative people (both client and agency) motivated and engaged.

Media is a strategic weapon.

Think like an athlete. Without risk, there is no genius. Go big or go home. No guts, no glory.

Failure isn’t in losing, failure is in not trying. "

duminică, decembrie 11, 2005

crazy little unreal creatures

I was browsing through agency sites earlier today and reached the conclusion I like the ones that have some sort of a fun concept. And if that concept includes cute little crazy unreal creatures it's even better. That's because they create a story around the mission and the values of that agency and make these boring stuff....hmm not boring, but all so friendly and fresh. : )
So you might want to check the strawberry frog (see their really fun and smart book bout the story of the strawberry frog and the big dinosaur) and the delicious monsters which indeed are delicious.
One can say a lot bout the spirit of an agency only by looking at their web sites. And this right here is the sort of spirit that i feel connected to.

vineri, decembrie 09, 2005

valuable resources

"Testing to destruction" is a clever book written about 30 years ago, which is unfortunatelly out of print today. However, a free version is available for download, together with an introduction by Stuart Smith of W+K London.

On the other hand, another of Russell's initiatives might be really helpful for all those dealing with planning. Although Tim Keil had already developed a squidoo lense for account planning, the lense started by Rusell for his "Account Planning School of the Web" seems to be a very powerful resource at least for those interested in the matter. It's got good stuff to steal from the web, recommended reading and many, many links to interesting articles dealing with the thing. Do visit!

joi, decembrie 08, 2005

Having balls can help you color the world

Fallon London is the agency that helped Sony launch the new Bravia LCD and 3LCD range TV.
The ad is just the way they intended to make it - fresh, discret, colorful and straight to the point. It's really interesting they have a web site dedicated to the making of the commercial. Nothing should be wasted, right? The whole show was shot on the streets of San Francisco by Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig.

miercuri, decembrie 07, 2005

second post of the new era!

As you probably know (if you read previous posts) Diana is the strategy Master and I'm the copywriting God. That's in like 10 years or so...but we like to dream, "what can I to say"? : )

Why am I here now, writing all this? I think there's always more than one reason to all things. Hmmmm....so they would be: frustration at my workplace, passion for advertising and yellow people [that's how I like to call highly creative, idealistic, opened, true and joyful spirits], determination to finnaly act on my desire to become better on copywrting and life handling, the need to grow and get to know more bout myself, people and stuff that matter to me, the faith that life can be great, curiosity and fun, yeah, let's do not forget fun!!!
So let's have fun and see what things make us spark in the dark!

first post, boring as it could get

Ok...so here i go. The idea for this first post on account planning was given to me by an article written by Russell Davies for Campaign. He wrote it in September on the occasion of the Account Planning Group Awards, and it was translated in last month's Romanian edition of Campaign. The article can be downloaded from here.
Unfortunately, in Romania, account planning is at a very early stage in development. More and more agencies -but very few overall - understand the need of an account or a strategic planner, but such people are very hard to find. Needless to say we don't have a school of planning whatsoever. The current situation on the market, as well as reasons for this were explained some time ago in an interview by Razvan Matasel, Research&Strategic Planning Director at Leo Burnett Romania. Do junior account planners positions even exist in our country? :))
I thought about how i was going to organize my posts in this blog and i reached the conclusion that it would be wise to take it from the beginning. When i strated being interested in planning, it was extremely difficult for me to find out things from here. But i went on digging and digging and now i am sort of overwhelmed by great information. Now i'm willing to present step by step how i got here.
First question - most important. What is planning? A good idea for an answer would be to read Jon Steel's "Truth, lies and advertising: the art of account planning", which was translated in Romanian as well by Brandbuilders. A briefer, but still interesting answer is provided by APG London. In 1986 the APG published a booklet written by Sev d'Souza as a definition of account planning. Fifteen years later, with the further evolution of planning, that definition needed updating. Merry Baskin (APG Chair in 1998 and 1999) undertook the task. Both definitions are included here.
Since i've been bubbling enough, this is the end of the first post. The following will be ar more interesting and creative. But i thought i should just clear this up from the beginning :D.

marți, decembrie 06, 2005

more feet

Here is a campaign that I admire very much. It's for Buckle my shoe - kids footwear and is made by Saatchi and Saatchi London. Some might say it's crazy and sadistic, I say it's provocative, courageous and incredibly fresh. The illustrations are made by Camille Rose Garcia after the agency made a worldwide search. And look what the satisfied Client says:
“We are thrilled with the end result! Our aim was to work with Saatchi to create a revolutionary concept for footwear advertising, and do it with a real sense of humour. I believe the adverts reflect the Buckle My shoe brand with complete success.”
Nick Rayne, Founder and director of BMS

blog revival

okay...since the blog was in a stand-by which was supposed to come to an end, the members - that would be Cristina and me :) - have decided to split their duties according to their jobs. And get the ball rolling again!

The conclusion is that i will be handling strategy, account planning and all that yada, yada, while she will take care of all creative sparks, big ideas, and whatever other bits of brilliant fun she can get -trust me, she kicks ass at it ! :)).

And together we'll take care of as many links as possible, in our attempt to build something really worthy!! Muhahaha