joi, iunie 29, 2006

Summer vacation

This blog's gonna take a break for a while.
Have a fun summer ya'll!
Be seeing you.

luni, iunie 19, 2006

that's why

Blogger does not really like me since I've tried to post some pics for the past few weeks and nothing...
My friends seem not to have encountered the same problem. Oh , well, I'll keep on trying. As always.
If anyone's reading - have a great day!

joi, iunie 01, 2006

Young hearts run free

Because it's still 1st of June...

From FCB Chile

I really like these ads cause they don't get the actual bugs involved as seen in most of the work for this kind of product. VIA

Young Lions

This year's Young Romanian Creatives competition has chosen its winners that will face the toughest crowd at Cannes between 18-24th of June.