miercuri, noiembrie 02, 2005

Advertising, use it like it's hot!

Social campaigns are probably the most obvious quality of advertising.
This area is something that I particullary like.
They are campaigns that reach through, that make people wonder, that make them talk, that make them hope and sometimes make them help themselves or the others. I guess it has the gift (if made right) to weak up those human fellings that get lost in our own daily rutine.

I love this one - It's made by TBWA Berlin.
The use of print is amaizing! See the rest of prints from the campaign at http://www.clioawards.com/awards/index.cfm?page=4&medium=pr&prize=gc&search=0

advertising and condoms

Since advertising it's a prgnant bitch there's no much use of condoms over here. But although advertising knows what the right thing is, almost never does it....
See this campaign i thought was a new approach that can turn some heads and maybe habits...
This won something at the http://www.creativecircle.co.uk/. See it for detils...