luni, octombrie 30, 2006

In Accra's Business Week - today

luni, octombrie 23, 2006

FCB South Africa

Just a quick browse into some African advertising. FCB South Africa has a nice web-site and some great work. It's a huuuge difference between the advertising in South Africa and the one in Ghana - different standards, different point in evolution, different society. Will show more samples in the next posts.

miercuri, octombrie 18, 2006

La multi ani! - Happy birthday!

I've just realized it's now one year since this blog came to life!!!
It is true it had been kinda dead for the past few months but that doesn't mean there aren't people with feelings behind it. :P

Anywayz , haaaaaaappyyyyyy birthdaaaaaay dear blog! Thanks Diana for introducing me to the wonderful, demanding, but yeah, rewarding world of blogging!

This blog appeared out of frustration, but as someone intelligent said - "You won't start changing things until you're disatisfied with them"- so that's why we both (Diana and me) have already quit our job - the root of so much frustration. But that was only the beginning of another adventure that will somehow always be connected with advertising - cause let's face it advertising is like men - most of it is bad, but there are islands of hope ...oh, and you can not live without it! :))))

kisses, hugs and love (like one of my friends says - Hi Patrick!)

sâmbătă, octombrie 14, 2006

outdoor in accra

here is some outdoor activity in accra - ghana - west africa. it's whole different way of communication (and yeah, it's a whole different world). more literal, more basic, more obvious, often conceptless.

joi, octombrie 12, 2006

We're alive

Since I am in Africa I found this ad more interesting than I would probably had before coming here. I am not black, but got it. ;-)