vineri, octombrie 28, 2005

women are... crap?????

i've always had a thing for claims which attract national controversies. so i guess it's time i posted something about last week's American general scandal in advertising caused by creative legend Neil French. especially since i consider that the problem is indeed touchy.
here's what Ad Age ended up saying: "The national controversy that exploded out of Neil French's "Women are crap" comments last week has triggered the most intense debate about gender relations seen by the advertising industry in quite a few years. The issues stretch well beyond French's focus on the need for female employees to juggle home and office duties more so than their male counterparts. One larger issue has to do with the glass ceiling and whether it has opened significantly in recent years even as consolidations have reduced the number of executive positions. Another has to do with the lingering salary gap between male and female advertising professionals that Ad Age has been documenting in detailed annual reports for the last 14 years."
i just wonder how this gender discrimination functions (if it does) in Romanian advertising industry...

hey man, say something!

And say it to my face! Advertising should be the most fun job. On my planet, it really isn't. That's cause I always stumble in the shallow perspectives of people around me. (and what's worse it's they are closer than I'd wish...)

It's a pardox. Advertising is the soul of communication, though here are the worse communicators. They can write a headline, make a layout but seem not to be able to reach that level of understanding, compromise and tolerance between them.

It's hard enough to have the same perspective on things...why get into fights before getting to understand eachother?!!?? We should talk more to one another. Before making the brief and after, before getting lost in mediocrity...

And we definitely should at least try to be as creative as we are on the job, in real life too!!!! Let's try changing something, damn it!

joi, octombrie 27, 2005

the beginnings

I've been waiting for an opportunity to start posting on this blog. Cause i tend to be shy and this is a common blog and that's kinda scary; thank God the girls can delete what i write at about any time :).
So...i'm gonna take advantage of the fact that COKE'S GLOBAL AD ACCOUNT GOES TO WIEDEN & KENNEDY. Why? Cause i guess that Wieden&Kennedy (and especially their London part) best represents my "philosophy of advertising life". I admire them for the way they use illustrations and words, for the fact that they develop briefs such as "The Book of Dreams", for the pictures, for the blogs etc etc etc. And most important, i appreciate their willingness to do everything in their power to get people into changing what isn't going properly, as seen in campaigns like "Honda - Change Something" or "We are what we do". I like this. I think it's great.
Meeting open and willing people, learn from them and team up with them for great causes :), while having "the most fun you can have with your clothes on"...i guess that's why i entered this long-blamed advertising thing. Be seeing you!

miercuri, octombrie 26, 2005

My first year at Golden Drum 2005

Yeah, my first time at an international advertising festival - Golden Drum. Yuhoooooo!
Lots of nice stuff and people, but what impressed me in a bad way was the fact that there were soooooo many bad entries. I won't get into this right now, but I'll remember it for follow up.

Also, a thing that I don't understand is the the low level of presentation skills most of the speakers had...I don't get it why do we have to be creative only when we're being asked to in a brief?!?! Yeah, that's another thing that bothers me with people working in advertising.

Anywayz...networking remains the main attraction of these festivals (wich I didn't manage to do so well this year...but there's always A NEXT TIME- that's the first time after you learn from your mistakes:)
B seeing U all

Welcome to the amazing world of our minds

This is my first post. I think this is not the only thing I've done today for the first time....Hmmmm...but except this one, none of them worth mentioning :)

Bout advertising now, cause this is what brought us all together....I work in it and I'm not yet a heartless bitch, nor a rich one...or even a simple bitch (although some have called me that few times, me knowing it or not:).

I like to keep my mind open, I try to listen and understand behaviours. I also believe advertising is not the centre of the world, trying to be creative in your life in order to reach your potential, is.

Please excuse me right now cause I have a brief to think about. I'll write again. Sure thing!