miercuri, octombrie 26, 2005

My first year at Golden Drum 2005

Yeah, my first time at an international advertising festival - Golden Drum. Yuhoooooo!
Lots of nice stuff and people, but what impressed me in a bad way was the fact that there were soooooo many bad entries. I won't get into this right now, but I'll remember it for follow up.

Also, a thing that I don't understand is the the low level of presentation skills most of the speakers had...I don't get it why do we have to be creative only when we're being asked to in a brief?!?! Yeah, that's another thing that bothers me with people working in advertising.

Anywayz...networking remains the main attraction of these festivals (wich I didn't manage to do so well this year...but there's always A NEXT TIME- that's the first time after you learn from your mistakes:)
B seeing U all