joi, ianuarie 25, 2007

Oxford Street in Ghana

Bilboards in Atimpoku - Eastern Region of Ghana

luni, ianuarie 22, 2007

Some bilboards on the streets of Accra

Another kind of ad

on a full page in the "Daily Graphic" newspaper.

miercuri, ianuarie 17, 2007

Yes, it's in Ghana

Probably the most creative and bold ad in Ghana.

miercuri, ianuarie 10, 2007

Happy 2007

Happy New Year to everyone and let's get back to business.

Last year I was honored with a tag from onewomanrunning. Finnaly the moment to respond to it has come. Apparently I have to post five things that people out there in blogworld couldn't possibly know about me:

1. I’ve tried sushi for the first time few months ago in Ghana - hated it. Still in Ghana, still not liking sushi.

2. I'm obsessed with Ghananian beads and cloth. Thinking of openning a shop when I go back home.

3. No matter how much money I have I'm always broke. Never had too much money though, but that's all relative, huh?

4. I first entered in the advertising world as an account executive (D'Arcy Romania) and then realized it's too fucked up for me and switched to copywriting. Quite a change, eh?

5. I think I would make a great illustrator if I'd focus on it.

Now I will also make some other people suffer:
Diana (You're being tagger again - sorry :-), Dalia (You might not like this, but I will force you to answer it :P), Arunchakkravarthy (how r u?), Alex Rosu (yep, Alex I haven't forgot you :P), Leanne (mentioned your blog in one of my posts and i've been meaning to get in contact for a while:) and Acetrump (long time, long time:).

miercuri, decembrie 13, 2006

Some more advertising from Ghana

Press ads. So once in a while I stop being lazy and post some stuff. Just want u guys to get an idea of the advertising here.
PS: Club is my favourite Ghanaian beer. :P By the way - the ad refers to "Farmer's day" which was on 1st of December and which celebrates and rewards the best farmers in the country. I took the ad from the 7th of December edition of Daily Graphic, but that's another story. :-)

luni, octombrie 30, 2006

In Accra's Business Week - today

luni, octombrie 23, 2006

FCB South Africa

Just a quick browse into some African advertising. FCB South Africa has a nice web-site and some great work. It's a huuuge difference between the advertising in South Africa and the one in Ghana - different standards, different point in evolution, different society. Will show more samples in the next posts.