vineri, octombrie 28, 2005

hey man, say something!

And say it to my face! Advertising should be the most fun job. On my planet, it really isn't. That's cause I always stumble in the shallow perspectives of people around me. (and what's worse it's they are closer than I'd wish...)

It's a pardox. Advertising is the soul of communication, though here are the worse communicators. They can write a headline, make a layout but seem not to be able to reach that level of understanding, compromise and tolerance between them.

It's hard enough to have the same perspective on things...why get into fights before getting to understand eachother?!!?? We should talk more to one another. Before making the brief and after, before getting lost in mediocrity...

And we definitely should at least try to be as creative as we are on the job, in real life too!!!! Let's try changing something, damn it!


Blogger Diana said...

i think you are very right; and i think that the main problem is that advertising people don't know how to listen. they don't know how to do it, they don't have the patience to do it, they're too arrogant and self-sufficient to di it, they're overconfident in their personal views...i don't know; and i don't care, as long as the cruel fact remains that they don't listen. It's amazing how many good things, and most important, how many good ideas, would result from actual conversations instead of fights between degrees of pride...ah well...

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