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Advertising, use it like it's hot!

Social campaigns are probably the most obvious quality of advertising.
This area is something that I particullary like.
They are campaigns that reach through, that make people wonder, that make them talk, that make them hope and sometimes make them help themselves or the others. I guess it has the gift (if made right) to weak up those human fellings that get lost in our own daily rutine.

I love this one - It's made by TBWA Berlin.
The use of print is amaizing! See the rest of prints from the campaign at http://www.clioawards.com/awards/index.cfm?page=4&medium=pr&prize=gc&search=0


Blogger diana said...

personally, i like social campaigns the most. they're not selling anything, so they cannot be accused of the bad things advertising is ussualy accused. they're shocking and they draw attention. they manage to make people reflect a little. they're simple and "real". and i think it's great when advertising achieves this.

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