marți, decembrie 13, 2005

Great minds think alike :P

With this kind of thinking (and applying also) Wieden&Kennedy (Tokio in this case), charmed us both, Diana and me :)
Read the whole article ("How we work") here or some of it we found essential, down this page:

"Advertising can and should make people think.

Communication is a conversation.

Chaos breeds creativity.
The best ideas don’t come from a process, but are the result of an atmosphere where unpredictability, chaos and creativity are encouraged. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a process, it just means that we don’t let the process get in the way of good ideas.

Briefs should be a jumping off point, not a contract.

Be courageous enough to recognize that and let genius happen.

Reward failure.
Never lose your capacity to invent and learn because it becomes too risky. Take risks.

Let the marketplace judge success or failure. Don’t rely on research to make decisions, but to inform your thinking.

Keep it fresh. Break the rules. Never adhere to the status quo.
One of the problems with advertising is how categories develop a standard -- an unspoken belief system so that all cereal commercials need to sound like cereal commercials. But the real power comes when you can break with that belief system and treat the category in a fresh manner.

Life is too short and competitive to spend time in debate over nuance.

Immediate and gut feedback on creative work is critical to keeping the process moving and creative people (both client and agency) motivated and engaged.

Media is a strategic weapon.

Think like an athlete. Without risk, there is no genius. Go big or go home. No guts, no glory.

Failure isn’t in losing, failure is in not trying. "


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hey really a valuable one and keep going. all the best.

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Blogger cristina said...

Lots of thanks! :) We'll keep on going, that's for sure! You do that as well with your blog! Keep in touch!

3:27 p.m.  
Blogger arunchakkravarthy said...

hey thank u for ur support. keep watching for more links to come in my blog.

Am looking for suggestions and comments from all quarters to improve my blog. welcome u too.

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