miercuri, decembrie 07, 2005

second post of the new era!

As you probably know (if you read previous posts) Diana is the strategy Master and I'm the copywriting God. That's in like 10 years or so...but we like to dream, "what can I to say"? : )

Why am I here now, writing all this? I think there's always more than one reason to all things. Hmmmm....so they would be: frustration at my workplace, passion for advertising and yellow people [that's how I like to call highly creative, idealistic, opened, true and joyful spirits], determination to finnaly act on my desire to become better on copywrting and life handling, the need to grow and get to know more bout myself, people and stuff that matter to me, the faith that life can be great, curiosity and fun, yeah, let's do not forget fun!!!
So let's have fun and see what things make us spark in the dark!


Blogger diana said...

all i can say is keep up the good work, cause we surely have a lot of work to do ;), you copywriting God!

4:20 p.m.  

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