duminică, decembrie 11, 2005

crazy little unreal creatures

I was browsing through agency sites earlier today and reached the conclusion I like the ones that have some sort of a fun concept. And if that concept includes cute little crazy unreal creatures it's even better. That's because they create a story around the mission and the values of that agency and make these boring stuff....hmm not boring, but all so friendly and fresh. : )
So you might want to check the strawberry frog (see their really fun and smart book bout the story of the strawberry frog and the big dinosaur) and the delicious monsters which indeed are delicious.
One can say a lot bout the spirit of an agency only by looking at their web sites. And this right here is the sort of spirit that i feel connected to.


Blogger cristina said...

I later found out the strawberry frog is an animal that really exists...hmmm. I sure though about the delicious monsters!

4:39 p.m.  

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