luni, decembrie 19, 2005

an older article by fred&farid

Diana reminded me of this article. I wonder how could I ever forget it ?!?! Actually I didn't. It's somewhere in the back of my head and makes me wanna be better every day...

It is so true "Who talks about the latest advertising spot? No one. Why? Because advertising people are the worst storytellers of all storytellers. Even the journalists have a better sense of impact and entertainment than we have. Hollywood makes better commercials than us..."
"How is it possible that the advertising break is so boring? It is the only moment when TV is not entertaining. Why does advertising not respect the same rules as the other TV programs? Every program on TV wants to have an impact, to be entertaining and to touch the widest possible audience, except commercials. Lets admit it: advertising is thoughtless, boring, annoying, irritating and stupid.

It is sad, because people should love advertising. It is the only moment when the media are honest with us. Think about it: it is the only moment when we know who benefits from the pictures we watch. Each ad is signed with a logo. So it is clear."

And here's another true, very well put observation: "Advertising is a weapon of mass creation."

Through out the article you'll see there is hope for us, the advertisers plague...but more of us should pay attention to other people's point of view, listen more carefully, dare more, get out of the confortable circle of predictability we all have build around our daily lives...I guess...