vineri, februarie 10, 2006

Valentine's day

That annoying day is almost here. I'm talking about the lovable February the 14th - the day when sales in bonbons, flowers, cards, normal toys, sexual toys and preety much anything cute enough to put a smile on your sweetie pie's face, go higher than in any other day throughout the year. And here's something as annoying as the day itself - from Altoids.

PS: Don't get me wrong - anything that can break our rutine, spice up our lifes, remember us to be better is a good thing.

And to all my shy anonymous admirers - I really wasn't talking seriously - I don't find the day annoying, I'm a nice person - i would never say that and mean it...that was just to make the post more interesting, ok?
I won't mock you in any way if you give me jewellery, cars, summer cribs, 100 flying doves, planes writing my name in the air or whatever expensive love proof you will come up with, ok? Ok? OoooK.


Blogger arunchakkravarthy said...

everyday is a valentine's day for me and i don't believe one day concept.

8:43 a.m.  
Blogger cristina said...

Yeah, one day concept - bad, whenever you feel like it - good. :) I totally agree with you, but my point was that I think people get caught in the rutine, get tired of every day problems and therfore are less willing or just don't have time or energy left to do nice things for eachother. All in all, I guess the economy grows and more people, even a one day concept can be good for some.

12:19 a.m.  
Blogger arunchakkravarthy said...

yeah even though it is just that day u enjoy forgetting everything and love the one you love, but after that you are back to square to the same point. Those people who believe that one day i think they try to refresh(on the positive side) and restrict(on the negative side)the other days.

It all depends on their perception. May be because of their circumstances too they cannot adopt to the whole life.

9:26 a.m.  

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