joi, februarie 02, 2006

look into my eyes...

It's always amaizing how people manage to connect to eachother. Sometimes the stories are fabulous and unexpected, sometimes they're just ordinary, natural encounters and at times they even turn into life lasting relationships.

To continue the previous girly post, here's a link I've run into on Fallon's Planning blog. There's this guy, Michael Ellsberg who created this patry concept - looks like speed dating but it's actually speed eye gazing, followed by a party where people can finally talk after staring at eachother for an hour. It's all happening in NY, but I guess anyone who's convincing enough can join.

That's a cool concept, I think. Why the hell not stare at eachother first, isn't this what we're doing in bars or at parties when we feel attracted to someone?
So come on, guys, who's up for one of these gatherings?