luni, ianuarie 16, 2006

new spot for Honda Civic

We couldn't miss the new spot for Honda Civic by W&K London. There are voices that say this is too demonstrative, that it lacks the rational of the connection between the chorus and the car, that it's a nice ideea, but there could've been more suspense, crescendo and anticipation.... Oh well, I belive it's a very strong idea that captures the experience of the brand in a very penetrating and natural way without needing other explanations. What do you think?


Blogger diana said...

i completely agree with this. i think that the people whose negative thoughts you quoted are not exactly familiar with the development of Honda's brand image. if we take into consideration the previous spots and the entire evolution of the brand, we can only admire and mark as brilliant the strong bond between the car and the person driving (or potentially driving)it that this latest commercial builds or, better said, strenghens. i think it's very powerful, both emotionally and from the point of view of the execution, and, to be honest, it gave me chills when i first saw it.

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