sâmbătă, februarie 04, 2006

someone has finally got it!

I think is no secret that Hollywood is way ahead advertising. Yap, they've got it better!
But this post is about a distinctive and inspiring way of seeing the workplace, somehow different of the success recipe used by the most studios in Hollywood. I don't know much about how they really do stuff there, but here's what I know: the Pixar approach to organisational culture seems really healthy to me and I wouldn't mind experiencing it.

"Since 1995, with the release of "Toy Story," Pixar's films have reinvented the art of animation, won 19 Academy Awards and grossed more than $3 billion at the box office. But the secret to the success of Pixar Animation Studios is its utterly distinctive approach to the workplace. The company doesn't just make films that perform better than standard fare. It also makes its films differently — and, in the process, defies many familiar, and dysfunctional, industry conventions. Pixar has become the envy of Hollywood because it never went Hollywood."

"According to Randy S. Nelson, who joined the company in 1997 and is dean of Pixar University, a company-run education and training operation, this model reflects "Pixar's specific critique of the industry's standard practice." He explains it this way: "Contracts allow you to be irresponsible as a company. You don't need to worry about keeping people happy and fulfilled. What we have created here — an incredible workspace, opportunities to learn and grow, and, most of all, great co-workers — is better than any contract."

Found this article at http://www.jackcheng.com/.