luni, aprilie 17, 2006

Do you also wanna quit your job?

How to know when you’re in a crap job?

Crap Job (n): Far too much of what you dislike, and far too little of what you need to be your best.

1. The people you work with and for are uninspired. Your co-workers (and perhaps even your boss) all complain to each other, but no one takes steps to turn the situation around.

2. Politics guide most of the organization’s promotion decisions. People are judged on personal agendas rather than performance.

3. Your current job isn’t pointing you in the right direction. You can’t imagine how your job is going to help you get where you ultimately want to go in your career.

4. The people you work with have little to teach you. You’re not learning new skills, gaining new experiences, creating new contacts, or feeling inspired by the people around you.

5. The company’s values or priorities are out-of-whack with yours. For instance, you want to do outstanding work, but your company focuses only on revenue.

6. You’re working hard, but your actions don’t make a measurable difference. If you can’t point to results you’ve generated (anything from improved sales margins or a produced writing piece), you’ll have a more difficult time proving your market value to your current or future employer.

Any of these sound familiar? If so, you might just be in the proverbial crap job.