miercuri, aprilie 05, 2006

Ohhhh (yeah, yeahhhh), my God!

Are these guys really into porn or Lord's word?

This is taken from their DVD description. The documentary on the DVD is called Missionary possitions.

"After hearing God say the word 'PORN' to them, two young Christian pastors (
Craig Gross and Mike Foster) are off on a quixotic journey into the world of pornography. Their journey takes them from the red light district of Amsterdam, to the Porn rehab facilities of Kentucky. They travel from the porn shows of Las Vegas to the porn sets of Hollywood. They come with a message of love and hope for porn addicts and porn workers everywhere!

But doing the work of the Lord is not always easy. Not only are there money problems and personality conflicts, but also hate mail and Turkish computer hackers to deal with. Their wives are "way" suspicious and Christian Power house Pat Roberston won't let them on his Christian news show.

The documentary was shot over the course of 3 years and the film has won several awards at various film festival across the world."

Their initiaive of making the Bible cover ( they ordered 10,000 Bibles featuring the “Jesus loves porn stars” line on the cover)
cooler ("The cooler the cover, the more separated from all the trash someone gets at a porn show, the more likely it gets picked up and read.") was not ok with The American Bible Society.

"They have told us that this goes against everything the Bible stands for and they don’t want anyone to think that Jesus is okay with porn. We think they are wrong. We think this goes with the central message of the gospel and Jesus loves you regardless of your profession."

Anyway, I like these guys if they're for real. The church should learn to adapt to the times being and the way the target has evolved in order to get their message through. But someone has to start breaking the rules. And I mean that in a all good, creative and constructive way. Hell awaits me now :-]

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Wow, that is interesting.

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yeah, I know :)

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