sâmbătă, martie 25, 2006

Creative No-Fly zone?

Communicaton Arts Magazine published this article by Ernie Schenck.
It is called Do We Need Creative No-Fly Zones?
So what's a creative no-fly zone?
Here are some questions that led to this concept:

"How many times have we used shock as a technique? The cheap grossout gag. The kid getting whacked by an eighteen-wheeler. The harp seal getting its brains splattered all over the ice. It’s not like it’s hard to do. It gets attention. It can win awards and it has. But are we too fast and loose with shock sometimes? And does it occasionally lead us over the line into areas that are better left, well, unexplored. Should there be conceptual hot zones where we dare not open the door lest something terrible comes squirting out?"

So when too much is too much?
Slippery zone indeed, but it pays the bills and unfortunately it can't be stopped, I think.
We're in such a hurry to be the first on the market, to earn money and profit, too see the results yesterday, to be talked about that there's just too little time left for thinking about the others we affect, if any. And again why bother? "It's not our problem" will probably be the most common response. And hey, there are lots of guys making those social campaigns. Isn't that enough?