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What American teens think

I've run into this really compelling study (9 page report) on American teens. Interesting and useful research stuff if you ever have something to sell to this target or just feel like comparing them with teens in your country. Focus and enjoy!

"Setting the stage for a yearlong celebration of our Centennial milestone, Boys & Girls Clubs of America has published the results of its Youth Report To America – the largest national survey developed and administered by teens. In the Report, 46,000 young people (ages 13-18) deliver a candid message to America.

Youth across the nation are calling for America’s leaders, community officials and parents to help bridge the gap between hope and opportunity outlined in the Report. With compelling findings on topics ranging from the Iraq war to violence in schools and from education to the pursuit of the American Dream, the Report spotlights the perceptions of America’s youth."

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Blogger Romerican said...

Just taking a cursory glance at the beginning of this document.

a. I'd say it's accurate that many teens feel college education (of some kind) is important to their life. Of course, the reality is that college may NOT be important, but that's what they've learned (been taught). In any event, they take it more seriously than most Romanians I've met... which isn't say as seriously as the Asian stereotype.

b. The answers to the relationship question immediately bias me against all other information in the report. For half of all respondents to say their family or "God" is the most important relationship in their life runs completely counter to the typical teenager in America. I'll keep reading and post a few more notes, but I can guarantee I am instantly skeptical of the entire document being skewed.

c. Parental influence? Possibly the largest segment, but 44% is awfully high. I'd suggest a more realistic number like 33% and putting the "extra" 10% into the friends column.

d. Going to war as the greatest fear is quite revealing. And possibly accurate. Fortunately for Romania, you don't have a large presence in Iraq.

e. Interesting and surprising to see so many of this particular group would choose personal happiness as the idea of the American dream. Based on (b), I would have expected them to choose job/money.

f. Censorship. That's what I expected from this group of teens. Ambivalence or pro-censorship typical of the "future leaders" that the BGCA tries to breed. The average teen would probably be opposed to censorship.

g. Voting! Again, counter to the reality of most teens, these people believe in voting. Most teens think it is a waste of time because the politicians are a joke pretending to be two parties when it's just a ruling elite. (In any case, of those who do believe voting is important, they are overwhelming anti-Bush.)

Interesting, if flawed, document.

1:42 a.m.  
Blogger cristina said...

In the end it's all about common sense, isn't it?

9:57 p.m.  

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