miercuri, aprilie 12, 2006

You don't smoke the cigarette. It smokes you.

I am against smoking. It's an addiction that hurts not only the smoker but those around him/her. It's true that any addiction does that at some level, but in this case is so damn obvious. Actually if I think this through and see the ads above, the bad effect it has on us all is inside our bodies so we can not see it. Sometimes what you don't see it's what you get.

It's such a tough choice every time. There's the bad smell but there's the cool gesture. There's the amount of money one spends for cigaretts and there's this feeling of calm smokers claim they get when absorbing the all mighty smoke. There's "I know is bad for me" and there's "it makes me feel good". The good and the evil- the ethernal battle.

I believe smoking is one of the greatest scams in advertising. Some dudes had this product and it was impossible to sell - it killed you and it smelled bad. When the product doesn't have any benefits you invent some. That's how advertising works. So you get this cool guys, cool ladies, powerful characters, independent human beings to smoke in movies, interviews, shows. It's true there's less (classical) advertising for cigaretts these days around the world, but old habits die hard.

And since this subject is hunting me for some while now, I'm asking you guys to send me the no smoking ads you have. I'll try to make a gallery and post it somewhere. And we'll go from there. Maybe there's more we can do.


Blogger Battlerocker said...

I hate smoking as well, and I think you are right about the advertising. I just wanted to say great blog. You have lots of interesting thoughts and pictures here and it was a pleasure to read. Good work!

5:45 p.m.  
Blogger acetrump said...

I loved this post.Superb.I read the entire explanation u had and it was indeed thought provoking.
Man...what am i doing with this smoke.

6:02 p.m.  
Blogger cristina said...

Thanks battlerocker! Keep watching!Same bout your blog!

And thanks acetrump also! Don't know viv, it's in your power to do whatever you like!

Oh, and I forgot to mention the feeling of affiliation to a group the smoking gives. It's a pretty tricky thing. It appeals to our most powerfull needs - belonging, it makes you feel kind of safe - a cigarette is always there for you, it gives you that mistery and independence (making you desirable to the opposite(or same) sex) we all've been thought it represents. And apparently it has no side-effects.

6:37 p.m.  

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