duminică, martie 05, 2006

The secret of headlines and body copy

A colegue at work bought this book Kiss and Sell by Robert Sawyer. It's a great book that handles the subject of copywriting in a very practical way. Here's a glimpse of it - few basic things about headlines and body copy.

A headline that works:
1. Stands out.
2. Stops readers long enough for them to process the meaning.
3. Offers a promise, an invitation, or important news.
4. Persuades readers that it's worth their time to learn a little bit more about a product.

Good body copy:
1. Says only what's important to say.
2. Addresses the prospective customer directly.
3. Uses as few words as possible.
4. It's honest and simple.
5. Sticks to the story.
6. Respects the product or service being promoted.
7. Holds the prospective customer in high regard.
8. Stops instantly when there's nothing more to say.


Blogger arunchakkravarthy said...

only copy and art can create a baby. neither copy nor art embryo won't form.

saw that book and its realy worth to kiss.

2:12 p.m.  
Blogger cristina said...

I think sometimes we can have no copy ads or no visual ads. But generally the copy and the visual should be in some sort of equilibrum, although one of them has to dominate the ad. They do have to respect each other. And there are times when one is taking a step backwards leaving all the glory to the other one.

10:31 p.m.  

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