marți, decembrie 13, 2005

how to win an APG award

I reached a sort of a panic episode until starting writing this post, cause i was thinking that i already showed on the right side of the page the links that i usually follow and which supply my daily dose of thought-provoking material. So, what's left for me to present? And then i realised that with so much happening on the web, and with so much information, it's almost impossible for everybody to browse everything daily, yada, yada, yada. Therefore, i'm gonna introduce what i consider to be worthy anyway. And then i'm gonna think of another way to organize these posts and then another and then another.
Today, i'd like to bring into discussion the prizes awarded by London Account Planning Group. What's particularly nice (and thoughtful of them) is that when introducing this year's edition on their website, they also gave a recipe on how to win in such a competition. Apparently, what it takes is:
  • A powerful strategic idea
  • A potent creative expression
  • A clear link between the two

We all know this, you'll say. Yep, they thought about this reaction as well: "However, to be frank, these are hygiene factors. The characteristics that will mark out award winners will be a combination of the following:

  • Previously unearthed insight
  • A brilliant strategic idea
  • Inspiring channel thinking hardwired into the creative expression
  • Excellent work, whether a programme format, piece of packaging design or 120-second cinema commercial
  • A real sense that without your thinking the work simply wouldn't exist
  • Not to mention a beautifully made case"

Now that's more like it. And it's why the papers submitted were all fresh, full of consistent ideas and fantastic strategy (my favourite was that of "the fantastic Stuart Smith of fantastic Wieden & Kennedy" who "scooped the Grand Prix and a Gold for the fantastic thinking that went into the fantastic Honda Diesel campaign."). Until we start working like that in here, do check this out. You'll find a great manner of tracking and organizing insights, thoughts and ideas.