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first post, boring as it could get

Ok...so here i go. The idea for this first post on account planning was given to me by an article written by Russell Davies for Campaign. He wrote it in September on the occasion of the Account Planning Group Awards, and it was translated in last month's Romanian edition of Campaign. The article can be downloaded from here.
Unfortunately, in Romania, account planning is at a very early stage in development. More and more agencies -but very few overall - understand the need of an account or a strategic planner, but such people are very hard to find. Needless to say we don't have a school of planning whatsoever. The current situation on the market, as well as reasons for this were explained some time ago in an interview by Razvan Matasel, Research&Strategic Planning Director at Leo Burnett Romania. Do junior account planners positions even exist in our country? :))
I thought about how i was going to organize my posts in this blog and i reached the conclusion that it would be wise to take it from the beginning. When i strated being interested in planning, it was extremely difficult for me to find out things from here. But i went on digging and digging and now i am sort of overwhelmed by great information. Now i'm willing to present step by step how i got here.
First question - most important. What is planning? A good idea for an answer would be to read Jon Steel's "Truth, lies and advertising: the art of account planning", which was translated in Romanian as well by Brandbuilders. A briefer, but still interesting answer is provided by APG London. In 1986 the APG published a booklet written by Sev d'Souza as a definition of account planning. Fifteen years later, with the further evolution of planning, that definition needed updating. Merry Baskin (APG Chair in 1998 and 1999) undertook the task. Both definitions are included here.
Since i've been bubbling enough, this is the end of the first post. The following will be ar more interesting and creative. But i thought i should just clear this up from the beginning :D.


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Nice one girl! Keep it up! First thing first - yeah, I like that! :) Me gotta go now and dig into more creative stuff to spice up our existence!

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