vineri, octombrie 28, 2005

women are... crap?????

i've always had a thing for claims which attract national controversies. so i guess it's time i posted something about last week's American general scandal in advertising caused by creative legend Neil French. especially since i consider that the problem is indeed touchy.
here's what Ad Age ended up saying: "The national controversy that exploded out of Neil French's "Women are crap" comments last week has triggered the most intense debate about gender relations seen by the advertising industry in quite a few years. The issues stretch well beyond French's focus on the need for female employees to juggle home and office duties more so than their male counterparts. One larger issue has to do with the glass ceiling and whether it has opened significantly in recent years even as consolidations have reduced the number of executive positions. Another has to do with the lingering salary gap between male and female advertising professionals that Ad Age has been documenting in detailed annual reports for the last 14 years."
i just wonder how this gender discrimination functions (if it does) in Romanian advertising industry...


Blogger cristina said...

That's a heavy subject. I guess discrimination still functions everywhere, in advertising also. It's sad in a way to see that advertising in Romania and worldwide is still monopolised by the men. I want to see more women winning awards, running businesses...I'm not a feministe but I guess for most of the women it's harder. I want to think that "the best have no sex".

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