joi, octombrie 27, 2005

the beginnings

I've been waiting for an opportunity to start posting on this blog. Cause i tend to be shy and this is a common blog and that's kinda scary; thank God the girls can delete what i write at about any time :).
So...i'm gonna take advantage of the fact that COKE'S GLOBAL AD ACCOUNT GOES TO WIEDEN & KENNEDY. Why? Cause i guess that Wieden&Kennedy (and especially their London part) best represents my "philosophy of advertising life". I admire them for the way they use illustrations and words, for the fact that they develop briefs such as "The Book of Dreams", for the pictures, for the blogs etc etc etc. And most important, i appreciate their willingness to do everything in their power to get people into changing what isn't going properly, as seen in campaigns like "Honda - Change Something" or "We are what we do". I like this. I think it's great.
Meeting open and willing people, learn from them and team up with them for great causes :), while having "the most fun you can have with your clothes on"...i guess that's why i entered this long-blamed advertising thing. Be seeing you!


Blogger cristina said...

Hey there D....Yeah,W&K London rock and I can only agree with u in everything u said. That's cause i also feel connected to their way of seeing things and lots of respect for such great crowd!

3:18 p.m.  

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